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Database file/home/jean-pierre/Documents/BaseDocumenter/www/databases/LODoc/Example_serial_Number_Year.odb
File actual save date2018-06-27 14:04:54
Scanning done on2018-08-21 17:40:52
Documentation generated on2018-08-21 17:41:03
Table of contents
Name Type Parent name Parent type Used by Uses
button Control orders Form   Current_Date_and_ID (Procedure)
Current_Date_and_ID Procedure Document.Standard.Module1 Module orders|button (Control)  
dat_date Control orders Form    
date Field orders Table    
Example_serial_Number_Year Database Database    
fmt_year Control orders Form    
fmtID Control orders Form    
ID Field orders Table    
lbl_date Control orders Form    
lbl_order Control orders Form    
lbl_year Control orders Form    
lblID Control orders Form    
max_ID Field new_ID_current_year Query    
Module1 Module Database    
new_ID Field new_ID_current_year Query    
new_ID_current_year Query Database   orders (Table)
order Field orders Table    
orders Form Database   orders (Table)
orders Table Database new_ID_current_year (Query)
orders (Form)
txt_order Control orders Form    
year Field new_ID_current_year Query    
year Field orders Table