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Database file/home/jean-pierre/Documents/BaseDocumenter/www/databases/LODoc/Example_jump_Cursor_Subform_Mainform.odb
File actual save date2018-06-27 12:27:45
Scanning done on2018-08-21 17:37:32
Documentation generated on2018-08-21 17:37:41
Table of contents
Name Type Parent name Parent type Used by Uses
btnnew Control class Form   JumpToMainform (Procedure)
btnnext Control class Form   JumpToMainform (Procedure)
class Form Database   class (Table)
class Field class Table    
class Table Database name (Table)
class (Form)
class_ID Field name Table    
Example_jump_Cursor_Subform_Mainform Database Database    
fmtID Control class Form    
ID Control class Form    
ID Field name Table    
ID Field class Table    
JumpToMainform Procedure Document.Standard.Module1 Module class|SubForm|btnnext (Control)
class|SubForm|btnnew (Control)
lblclass Control class Form    
lblID Control class Form    
Module1 Module Database    
name Control class Form    
name Field name Table    
name Table Database class|SubForm (Control) class (Table)
SubForm Control class Form   name (Table)
SubForm_Grid Control class Form    
txtclass Control class Form