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Table of contents
Name Type Parent name Parent type Used by Uses
age_group Field registration Query    
age_group Field count_agegroup_gender_new Query    
age_group Field count_agegroup_gender Query    
age_group_sort Field count_agegroup_gender_new Query    
birthday Field sportage Query    
birthday Field registration Query    
birthday Field starter Table    
count_agegroup_gender Query Database   starter (Table)
count_agegroup_gender_new Query Database   starter (Table)
datbirthday Control starter Form    
Example_Sport Database Database    
forename Field sportage Query    
forename Field registration Query    
forename Field starter Table    
gender Field sportage Query    
gender Field report_gender Query    
gender Field registration Query    
gender Field count_agegroup_gender_new Query    
gender Field count_agegroup_gender Query    
gender Field starter Table    
gender_full Field report_gender Query    
ID Field starter Table    
ID Field sport Table    
ID_sport Control starter Form   sport (Table)
ID_sport Field rel_starter_sport Table    
ID_starter Field rel_starter_sport Table    
lblbirthday Control starter Form    
lblforename Control starter Form    
lblgender Control starter Form    
lblsurname Control starter Form    
quantity Field report_gender Query    
quantity Field count_agegroup_gender_new Query    
quantity Field count_agegroup_gender Query    
registration Query Database   sportage (Query)
rel_starter_sport Table Database sportage (Query)
starter|SubForm (Control)
sport (Table)
starter (Table)
report_gender Query Database   starter (Table)
sport Field sportage Query    
sport Field registration Query    
sport Field sport Table    
sport Table Database rel_starter_sport (Table)
sportage (Query)
starter|SubForm|SubForm_Grid|ID_sport (Control)
sportage Field sportage Query    
sportage Field registration Query    
sportage Query Database registration (Query)
sportage (Query)
rel_starter_sport (Table)
starter (Table)
sport (Table)
sportage (Query)
starter Form Database   starter (Table)
starter Table Database rel_starter_sport (Table)
count_agegroup_gender (Query)
count_agegroup_gender_new (Query)
report_gender (Query)
sportage (Query)
starter (Form)
SubForm Control starter Form   rel_starter_sport (Table)
SubForm_Grid Control starter Form    
surname Field sportage Query    
surname Field registration Query    
surname Field starter Table    
txtforename Control starter Form    
txtgender Control starter Form    
txtsurname Control starter Form