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Database file/home/jean-pierre/Documents/BaseDocumenter/www/databases/LODoc/Example_Combobox_Listfield.odb
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Table of contents
Name Type Parent name Parent type Used by Uses
address_complete Query Database name_correlated_subquery (Form)
name_tablecontrol (Form)
street (Table)
postcode (Table)
town (Table)
name (Table)
ColumnSize Procedure Document.Standard.Comboboxes Module TextSelectionSaveValue (Procedure)  
com_postcode Control name_tablecontrol Form   postcode (Table)
town (Table)
com_postcode Control name_correlated_subquery Form   postcode (Table)
town (Table)
com_postcode Control name Form   GenerateRecordAction (Procedure)
postcode (Table)
town (Table)
com_street Control name_tablecontrol Form   street (Table)
com_street Control name_correlated_subquery Form   street (Table)
com_street Control name Form   GenerateRecordAction (Procedure)
street (Table)
Comboboxes Module Database    
combofields Control name_tablecontrol Form    
combofields Control name_correlated_subquery Form    
combofields Control name Form    
Example_Combobox_Listfield Database Database    
firstname Control name_tablecontrol Form    
firstname Field address_complete Query    
firstname Field name Table    
fmtID Control name_correlated_subquery Form    
fmtID Control name Form    
GenerateRecordAction Procedure Document.Standard.Comboboxes Module name|com_postcode (Control)
name|com_street (Control)
ID Control name_tablecontrol Form    
ID Field address_complete Query    
ID Field town Table    
ID Field street Table    
ID Field postcode Table    
ID Field name Table    
lastname Control name_tablecontrol Form    
lastname Field address_complete Query    
lastname Field name Table    
lblfirstname Control name_correlated_subquery Form    
lblfirstname Control name Form    
lblID Control name_correlated_subquery Form    
lblID Control name Form    
lbllastname Control name_correlated_subquery Form    
lbllastname Control name Form    
lblnumber Control name_correlated_subquery Form    
lblnumber Control name Form    
lblpostcode_ID Control name_correlated_subquery Form    
lblpostcode_ID Control name Form    
lblstreet_ID Control name_correlated_subquery Form    
lblstreet_ID Control name Form    
name Form Database   name (Table)
TextSelectionSaveValue (Procedure)
ShowText (Procedure)
name Table Database address_complete (Query)
name (Form)
postcode (Table)
street (Table)
name_correlated_subquery Form Database   address_complete (Query)
TextSelectionSaveValue (Procedure)
name_tablecontrol Form Database   address_complete (Query)
TextSelectionSaveValue (Procedure)
number Control name_tablecontrol Form    
number Field address_complete Query    
number Field name Table    
postcode Field postcode Table    
postcode Table Database name (Table)
address_complete (Query)
name|com_postcode (Control)
name_correlated_subquery|com_postcode (Control)
name_tablecontrol|tablecontrol|com_postcode (Control)
town (Table)
postcode_ID Field address_complete Query    
postcode_ID Field name Table    
readme Form Database    
ShowText Procedure Document.Standard.Comboboxes Module name (Form)  
street Field address_complete Query    
street Field street Table    
street Table Database name (Table)
address_complete (Query)
name|com_street (Control)
name_correlated_subquery|com_street (Control)
name_tablecontrol|tablecontrol|com_street (Control)
street_ID Field address_complete Query    
street_ID Field name Table    
String_to_SQL Procedure Document.Standard.Comboboxes Module TextSelectionSaveValue (Procedure)  
tablecontrol Control name_tablecontrol Form    
TextSelectionSaveValue Procedure Document.Standard.Comboboxes Module name (Form)
name_correlated_subquery (Form)
name_tablecontrol (Form)
ColumnSize (Procedure)
String_to_SQL (Procedure)
town Field address_complete Query    
town Field town Table    
town Table Database postcode (Table)
address_complete (Query)
name|com_postcode (Control)
name_correlated_subquery|com_postcode (Control)
name_tablecontrol|tablecontrol|com_postcode (Control)
town_ID Field postcode Table    
txtfirstname Control name_correlated_subquery Form    
txtfirstname Control name Form    
txtlastname Control name_correlated_subquery Form    
txtlastname Control name Form    
txtnumber Control name_correlated_subquery Form    
txtnumber Control name Form