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Database file/home/jean-pierre/Documents/BaseDocumenter/www/databases/LODoc/Example_Autotext_Searchmark_Spelling.odb
File actual save date2018-08-21 16:38:15
Scanning done on2018-08-21 16:57:13
Documentation generated on2018-08-21 16:57:24
Table of contents
Name Type Parent name Parent type Used by Uses
Autotext Procedure Document.Standard.Module1 Module Autotext|MemoFormat (Control)  
Autotext Form Database   table (Table)
ContentRead Procedure Document.Standard.Module1 Module Search_mark (Form)  
ContentReadWithoutSearch Procedure Document.Standard.Module1 Module Spelling_afterwards (Form)
Spelling_directly (Form)
ContentWrite Procedure Document.Standard.Module1 Module Search_mark (Form)
Spelling_afterwards (Form)
Spelling_directly (Form)
Example_Autotext_Searchmark_Spelling Database Database    
filter Table Database Query_Form_Like (Query)
Query_Form_Locate (Query)
Search_mark (Form)
hit Field Query_Locate_1 Query    
hit01 Field Query_Locate_5 Query    
hit01 Field Query_Locate_2 Query    
hit02 Field Query_Locate_5 Query    
hit02 Field Query_Locate_2 Query    
hit03 Field Query_Locate_5 Query    
hit04 Field Query_Locate_5 Query    
hit05 Field Query_Locate_5 Query    
ID Control Spelling_directly Form    
ID Control Spelling_afterwards Form    
ID Control Search_mark Form    
ID Control Autotext Form    
ID Field Query_Locate_5 Query    
ID Field Query_Locate_2 Query    
ID Field Query_Locate_1 Query    
ID Field Query_Locate_0 Query    
ID Field Query_Form_Locate Query    
ID Field Query_Form_Like Query    
ID Field table Table    
ID Field filter Table    
ID-Label Control Spelling_directly Form    
ID-Label Control Spelling_afterwards Form    
ID-Label Control Search_mark Form    
ID-Label Control Autotext Form    
MarkWrongWordsDirect Procedure Document.Standard.Module1 Module Spelling_directly|MemoFormat (Control)  
MarkWrongWordsWaveLine Procedure Document.Standard.Module1 Module Spelling_afterwards|MemoFormat (Control)  
memo Field Query_Locate_5 Query    
memo Field Query_Locate_2 Query    
memo Field Query_Locate_1 Query    
memo Field Query_Locate_0 Query    
memo Field Query_Form_Locate Query    
memo Field Query_Form_Like Query    
memo Field table Table    
MemoFormat Control Spelling_directly Form   MarkWrongWordsDirect (Procedure)
MemoFormat Control Spelling_afterwards Form   MarkWrongWordsWaveLine (Procedure)
MemoFormat Control Search_mark Form    
MemoFormat Control Autotext Form   Autotext (Procedure)
Memo-Label Control Spelling_directly Form    
Memo-Label Control Spelling_afterwards Form    
Memo-Label Control Search_mark Form    
Memo-Label Control Autotext Form    
Module1 Module Database    
position Field Query_Locate_1 Query    
position Field Query_Locate_0 Query    
position01 Field Query_Locate_5 Query    
position01 Field Query_Locate_2 Query    
position02 Field Query_Locate_5 Query    
position02 Field Query_Locate_2 Query    
position03 Field Query_Locate_5 Query    
position03 Field Query_Locate_2 Query    
position04 Field Query_Locate_5 Query    
position05 Field Query_Locate_5 Query    
position06 Field Query_Locate_5 Query    
Query_Form_Like Query Database Search_mark (Form)
Spelling_afterwards (Form)
table (Table)
filter (Table)
Query_Form_Locate Query Database   table (Table)
filter (Table)
Query_Locate_0 Query Database   table (Table)
Query_Locate_1 Query Database   table (Table)
Query_Locate_2 Query Database   table (Table)
Query_Locate_5 Query Database   table (Table)
Search Control Search_mark Form    
Search_mark Form Database   Query_Form_Like (Query)
filter (Table)
ContentWrite (Procedure)
ContentRead (Procedure)
Search-Label Control Search_mark Form    
searchtext Field filter Table    
Show Control Search_mark Form    
Spelling_afterwards Form Database   Query_Form_Like (Query)
ContentWrite (Procedure)
ContentReadWithoutSearch (Procedure)
Spelling_directly Form Database   table (Table)
ContentWrite (Procedure)
ContentReadWithoutSearch (Procedure)
table Table Database Query_Form_Like (Query)
Query_Form_Locate (Query)
Query_Locate_0 (Query)
Query_Locate_1 (Query)
Query_Locate_2 (Query)
Query_Locate_5 (Query)
Autotext (Form)
Spelling_directly (Form)