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Database file/home/jean-pierre/Documents/BaseDocumenter/www/databases/NorthWind/TT NorthWind.odb
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Table of contents
Controls by dialog
Dialog name Control name Control type Caption Tooltip Events by control Enabled
dlgCalc btnAdd Button +   OnActionPerformed
  btnCE Button CE   OnActionPerformed
  btnClear Button C   OnActionPerformed
  btnDiv Button /   OnActionPerformed
  btnEnter Button =   OnActionPerformed
  btnInvert Button 1/x   OnActionPerformed
  btnMult Button X &34.dlgCalc.BtnMult.HelpText OnActionPerformed
  btnPoint Button .,   OnActionPerformed
  btnSub Button -   OnActionPerformed
  CalcDisplay Text     OnKeyPressed
  CancelButton Button Cancel    
  Cmd0 Button 0   OnActionPerformed
  Cmd1 Button 1   OnActionPerformed
  Cmd2 Button 2   OnActionPerformed
  Cmd3 Button 3 &12.dlgCalc.Cmd3.HelpText OnActionPerformed
  Cmd4 Button 4   OnActionPerformed
  Cmd5 Button 5   OnActionPerformed
  Cmd6 Button 6   OnActionPerformed
  Cmd7 Button 7   OnActionPerformed
  Cmd8 Button 8   OnActionPerformed
  Cmd9 Button 9   OnActionPerformed
  OKButton Button OK